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No Party Preference Voters are No Shows in CA June Primary

According to recently released data from Political Data Inc., which tracks voter turnout and related trends, only 18% of the 6.4 million Californians who are registered Independent, third-party or without a preference voted in the June 7 primary. That is in sharp contrast to 28% of Democrats and 30% of Republicans that voted. Lesson here is that candidates that run as independents, such as Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert in her unsuccessful campaign for California attorney general, face the risk of being swept out of the primary by Democrat and Republican voters who are more likely to turn out than independents in primary elections. 2021 Data from the Public Policy institute showed that independent voters have been more likely to lean Democratic (52%) than Republican (26%), and 12% did not lean toward either party. If Independent Schubert had prevailed, it would have been the first time in modern California history. Currently, in California, 47% of registered voters are Democrats, 24% are Republicans, and 23% are independents.

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