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Backers Submit 1.7 Million Signatures for November's 'Split roll' Ballot Measure

On April 2nd, the Schools and Communities First Campaign, backers of the initiative to revise California’s Proposition 13 and allow for a split property tax roll, submitted 1.7 million signatures to get the measure on the November ballot. To qualify, a total of 997,139 signatures are required. Alex Stack, a spokesperson for the campaign, said the signatures being submitted to county registrars for validation underscore "the momentum and support for this initiative." According to their press release, the submission was “the most signatures ever submitted in California for a ballot initiative.”

In a possible preview of the campaign's messaging amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Stack said, “Now more than ever, we need to support those heroes on the front lines who have been caring for the most vulnerable, educating our children, and keeping Californians safe. The Schools and Communities First initiative puts more resources back in the hands of local leaders who best know how to address local needs and priorities.”