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PPIC Report Shows Californians Prioritize Health Services and Education

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) recently published a survey that included information related to the policy priorities of Californians in advance of the next budget year. According to the key findings, four in ten people approve of Governor-Elect Newsom’s plans and priorities. In his campaign, Newsom highlighted a number of issues, including universal preschool, tuition-free community college, statewide universal health coverage, and building a high-speed rail system. The PPIC survey asked about these policies and found that a majority of respondents view new state spending on universal health coverage and free community college as high priorities while fewer prioritize high-speed rail. Further, the report concluded that Californians view jobs and the economy as the number one issue for the state’s future. Findings in this report are based on a survey of 1,704 California adult residents.

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