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PPIC Poll – “Californians and Their Government”

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) recently released a new poll focusing on critical issues relating to how the public and likely voters view their government. While the survey covered federal as well as state government issues, here are a few highlights specifically related to California:

  • Most important state issues: 22% jobs, economy; 11% immigration, illegal immigration; 8% government in general, problems with elected officials, parties
  • Governor Brown job approval: 52% approve; 32% disapprove; 16% don't know
  • Legislature job approval: 46% approve; 38% disapprove; 15% don't know
  • State budget situation: 43% big problem; 37% somewhat of a problem; 13% not a problem; 7% don't know
  • Single-payer healthcare: 65% favor with 42% favor, even if it means raising taxes, 23% favor, not if it means raising taxes; 29% oppose; 6% don't know

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